Board Minutes



Executive Board Minutes

Date:  29 February 2016

Members on Conference Call: Jerry Carroll, Tracy Bolden, Fariba Ebrahimi, Scott Pilgrim, Bob Swanson, Heidi DiFranco, Matt Bennett, Louise Rennix, Rob Heller

Call to Order: Jerry Carroll, President, called the meeting to order at 9:04 am and thanked members for joining the call.

 Review of Minutes:

Heidi made a motion to accept the October 2015 post-annual meeting minutes as written. Fariba 2nd.  No objections, minutes approved.

 Review of Treasure Report:

Tracy will send the income statement once she reviews with Cindy.

Old Business:

  1. Web URL

Jerry received an email from Moose. GoDaddy has URL in Scott’s name.  Jerry will notify us on fees.  Rob asked for 2015 meeting pictures.  Rob will post approved minutes to site.  Rob agreed to continue as web master and host for free on WordPress, however, Board does desire old URL when possible.

 2016 Planning Annual Meeting

Jerry suggested a session by the pool or beach. Board is interested but concerns: Heidi mentions distractions, Rob speaks of heat and sun for some people.  Presenters would be limited.

Heidi asked that we officially confirm change to schedule as previously discussed: Switch Wednesday and Thursday evening events to off-site Thursday due to travel commitments. Educations sessions Wednesday and Thursday, Business meeting Thursday lunch and trade show Thursday afternoon.  Jerry confirmed it was a motion.  Rob 2nd.  No objections from Board.  Schedule will be adjusted for 2016.

Potential educational sessions offered included: digital text options, store financial concerns, and leadership (as was recently done by GA Assoc.) An always present concern is that vendors understand this is not a sales pitch.

Date was confirmed as contract signed October 3-7, 2016. Main conference is October 5 and 6, 2016.  Rate is consistent with past years.

Mary Ann is getting us some new ideas to consider for food.

Jerry suggests we add post meeting evaluation cards to help fine tune some details. Vendors remain concerned about number of stores attending.  Scott suggested we comp rooms for 1st time stores or a lottery.  Louise suggested vendors talk it up especially tech schools not attending as they should be.  Rob and Matt confirmed that was being done, and will continue.  Vendors can start targeting some North Carolina schools as well.

Future Meeting

Louise suggested we go ahead and discuss the type of meeting along with date and location rather than attempt to arrange via email. It was decided Longhorn in Columbia, SC at 11am on Wednesday, May 18th.

 Meeting Adjourned

Jerry concluded it was the end of business. Heidi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Scott seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:00am.


Executive Board Minutes

Date:  2 October 2015

Members Present: Jerry Carroll, Tracy Bolden, Fariba Ebrahimi, Scott Pilgrim, Bob Swanson, Heidi DiFranco, Matt Bennett, Louise Rennix, Rob Heller

Call to Order: Jerry Carroll, President, called the meeting to order at 10:17 am and welcomed all members.

Review of Minutes:

Jerry confirmed that July 2015 minutes were approved on a prior conference call.

Review of Treasure Report:

Tracy presented expenses for this year’s meeting include $2,288.90 general expense not hotel, but including entertainment. $225 for the band and $1,500 for the speaker.

Old Business:

  1. Web URL

Jerry offered to reach out to Moose concerning the address for the web site. Format is good on current site, but hard to find, long address name.  Scott has been receiving information from Go Daddy.  He will forward to Jerry.

 New Business:

  1. Potential changes to meeting schedule

Jerry mentioned that Wednesday is often a travel day and attendees have expressed difficultly making the planned event. Potential to move off-site activity (Like Medieval Times was this year) to Thursday night to accommodate those traveling in late on Wednesday.  Fariba suggested we combine the Thursday business and Board member slate of officers’ recognition at the same lunch event prior to going out Thursday to encourage participation.  Look at times, 7:30 am for motivational breakfast was too early.

Educational sessions

Jerry challenged Board to consider type of sessions, more educational like 2015, or perhaps more managerial focused. Heidi suggested a Dennis Mecklenberg financial training course.  CSANC does 2 meetings.  He covers part 1 in summer, part 2 during fall.  NACS has grants we may be able to use or canned presentations.  Heidi requested vendors man the registration table during the educational sessions so stores can attend.  Look at times as some sessions ran longer and may need a break, or encourage speakers not to use entire time.  Leave time for discussion / interaction.


Offered by multiple members we establish a direction of sessions then select a theme to correspond. Matt agreed and we should try into Jerry’s interest such as “Trolling for Business,” “Casting for Customers,” or fishing related.


Matt brought forth the idea of bowling, easy to arrange, low cost, everyone could do it. Heidi suggested a scavenger hunt.  Pool party is a popular choice for banquet.  Other state associations are more formal, SCACS previously did that, however, we do not wish to return and plan to keep it casual.


Food was often delayed. Need to address quantity ordered to attendees as we ran short on some items.  At cook-out burgers in demand, hot dogs were abundant.  Salad day was good but maybe sub sandwiches too.  Can we do a cash bar at cabana by pool for cook-out?  We need basic, coffee, or popcorn, or reasonable snack (cookies or pastries) between sessions.

Location and date

Board agreed with no alternative plans introduced to attempt 2016 meeting at same location and a similar early October time frame. Negotiate off-season rate.

Committee members

  • Nominations – Scott volunteered (need store, 2 yr. member at large)
  • Educational – Bob and Rob
  • Program – Matt, Heidi and Fariba
  • Food – Louise, Heidi and Fariba
  • Entertainment – Tracy and Jerry
  • Finance and Tax – Tracy and Cindy
    • Goal – Establish a consistent balance sheet and approach in accordance with IRS standards along with training plan for future.

Actions Required

  • Rob to confirm date notification needed for members to vote on bylaws and/or constitution for slate of officers or proposed changes (30 days from voting on officers? 45 days on constitution?)
  • Scott suggested since we do have budgetary funds available we consider making a donation to the NACS Foundation. This suggestion we received positively by Jerry and Heidi. Bob offered we designate it for education, or specific purposes like growing associations.
  • Louise suggested an entire a full registration for new stores, except hotels. Jerry suggests going into stores and saying it’s complimentary for everything except travel expense. NACS and vendors both pressuring SCACS to join other associations. Matt, from a vendor’s perspective, believes it’s not about writing orders, it’s about trust and building relationships outside of business otherwise it is a waste of resources. Jerry states it’s imperative for all of SCACS Board to recruit additional stores or aux. directors. All stores / aux. dir. not attending 2015 will be offered complimentary meeting access for 2016 meeting. Ask questions as to why they aren’t coming. Bring agendas to prove worth.
  • Heidi recommends future programs need list of attendees insert both stores and vendors.
  •  Attending other state associations: North Carolina is Jerry and Rob. Georgia is Bob.

Meeting Adjourned

Jerry concluded it was the end of business. Heidi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Scott seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:33 am.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will occur in late winter/early spring 2016. A date and time was not set.